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Brief introduction of Zhangbi Ancient Fortress

【ADD】:Zhangbi Village, Longfeng Town, Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province
【TEL】:400-116-1600 / +86-0354 7086002
【FAX】:+86-0354 7086156
【Q Q】:1075271655 / 1458301320 / 409992909
【Zhang Bi Villa reservation number】:+86-0354 7075178
【Storage gourd reservation phone】:+86-0354 7229016
【Ancient Huai Inn reservation telephone】:+86-13453220509
【Ticket booking telephone】:+86-0354 7086002
【Scenic medical room】:+86-0354 7086110
【Scenic spot complaint telephone】:+86-0354 7086110