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The castle three face ditch, one side of the backer, the whole terrain south high north low, west high east low, easy to defend difficult to attack
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Fort wall
In 2003, archaeologists discovered the Neolithic Yangshao and Longshan cultural relics in the Zhaizi area in Zhangbi, pushing the history of human activities in Zhangbi to 6,500 years ago. The related stoneware and pottery displayed in the Cultural Relics Museum of Zhangbi Ancient Fort The film proves all this to us. The castle we saw in front of us was built in the post-Zhao period of the Sixteen Kingdoms of the Northern Dynasties, more than 1,600 years ago. The existing fort wall is about 1.1 kilometers long and 5 to 7 meters high. The thickness of the rammed earth layer of the fort wall is between 9 and 17 cm. The thickness of the rammed earth around the fort is different due to repairs in the past. According to the existing record of the ancient fort during the Daoguang period, "Rebuilding the Ceremonial Guard and Repairing the Painted Stele", the fort wall was originally 4 feet high and 7 feet wide, and the top could be used by soldiers and horses to walk back and forth. According to experts, during the Longshan Culture period, about 4,600-4,000 years ago, the ancestors had begun to use rammed earth technology. The thickness of the rammed soil in the Han Dynasty was about 15 cm, from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty about 30 cm. The thickness of the rammed earth layer of the fort wall here is about 15 cm. Based on the thickness of the rammed soil layer of the fort wall and the latest research results, it is speculated that the fort wall was built earlier than the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and it should have been during the Sixteen Kingdoms period of the Northern Dynasties when the dock wall was popular.
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